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Paul_Coach About Glovebox

Glovebox prides itself on catering to all levels of fitness, it is our aim to in-still discipline, confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of pride in the way people present and express themselves. We are family friendly and provide training to all ages, so whether you’re a beginner or a professional you will always feel welcomed.

Glovebox was established in 2006, by Paul Anderson, he was a former N.S.W light heavyweight champion, and was mentored by former Olympic Boxing Trainer Charlie Smith. Paul has been involved in the boxing industry for the past 25 years, and in that time he has worked with many elite sports people, and has the knowledge and training skills to provide you with a great boxing experience.

Our classes include technical drills, short circuit training, weight training concentrating on body toning, weight loss and conditioning and stretching. Join our amazing classes with one of the best boxing trainers on The Northern Beaches. Our aim is to give people the training they want, whether they are young, old, beginner or professional.

Corporate Training Success

Glovebox training for businesses promotes team bonding and relationship building as well as fitness and health all in a fun and supportive environment

“Glovebox have catered to our organisational and individual needs while providing the group with a unique training experience, bringing us closer together and focusing on working as a single unit. I would recommend Glovebox to any organisation or individual looking to get fit, motivated, and confident while having fun. ”

Daniel Houden, CEO, Task Retail Technology

“Glovebox loves working with small to medium size business looking to improve company culture and team work. Even though boxing is a one on one sport you still need other members in your corner to create and inspire better results. The beauty of working with organisations like Task Retail Technology is that we share a common goal. Its not all about winning, its how hard to try and always giving 100%. I believe this mind state plays well into the corporate world.”

Paul Anderson, Owner & Trainer, Glovebox

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